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BG NEWS ! India Data Portal held a workshop at the Press Club in Kolkata

News Desk :-    India Data Portal held a workshop at the Press Club in Kolkata on Monday under a project called Indian School of Business Indian Institute of Public Policy to make it easier for professionals involved in media and research work. 

This India Data Portal has complete information on 60 topics.  From food to agriculture, domestic budget, elections, rural development, socio-economic status survey, reviews, NSSO, information on various government projects will be included in this data.  The word database is derived from the Latin word datum. In Bengali it can be said to be a database base.  This India data portal maintains 30 high powered databases.  The financial index also contains information on inflation, market economy, business registration, MNREGA, Covid, and employment.  

This dataset is based on information obtained from official and reliable sources.  Which will greatly help the users.  Completely free of cost, the data portal users can use in a simple way, according to their needs.  A team of skilled professionals is involved in building and updating this data set.  This data portal will provide accurate and state-of-the-art information to media workers in news-based reporting or information-based reporting or research work.  News workers can contact www.Indiadataportal.com for details.

The portal is currently available in six languages.  Hindi, Bengali, English, Marathi, Oriya and Telugu.  Preparations are underway to create other language portals.  Dr. Ashwini Chhatre, executive director of one of the leading research institutes for data creation, briefed the journalists present at the press conference on Monday through a video screening.

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